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"The kids have improved confidence; Leni has retained what she was taught (a problem we'd had in the past) and they had heaps of fun! Tears and tantrums used to be a regular part of our swimming lessons but not anymore" ~ Honey


At 4 years my son had a fear of water and any other attempts at swimming lessons were unsuccessful. In 4 lessons with the swim school he was so much more confident, going under water and attempting all instructions by his tutor! The small class numbers, smaller pool and more one on one lessons have surely made all the difference. After putting 3 of my other children through lessons with other instructors these guys are by far the best and I would recommend them far and wide - A very satisfied parent.


I was fearful to let my kids near the water as they had never seemed to grasp water safety. After a term of lessons each they are confident & competent & I can relax too!

- Mrs Budden.


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