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Waterlilly Swim School is where your water education begins.

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Swimming is a skill for life.... don't wait we can help with your little one.

Baby Swim

Baby swim is a developmental program specifically designed for babies and toddlers. It is a wonderful learning and socialisation experience for children and parents alike. Join us for a wonderful weekly class. 

Blue & Purple Fish


Learn to swim classes for 2yrs and up. 

 These classes help children adjust to the water and develop independent movement. It teaches basic swim stroke fundamentals and kicking skills, floating and pool safety. These classes are intended for children with little or no water experience.

Red & Yellow Fish

These are our entry levels classes for children who are comfortable in the water and swim with a flotation device in the horizontal position but cannot yet swim the length of the pool. Children must be able to put their face in. Children are taught to float, kick, and perform progressive arm movements across the pool. 4-7yrs beginners and advanced classes.

Black Fish

These classes are for children who can swim 10-12 meters with their face in the water without a flotation device. These classes review and improve stroke skills on front, back and side, build endurance and teach treading water and bilateral breathing. Please speak to our staff about progressing to this class.  Advanced classes will be facilitated in transition to a squad session.

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